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Asheville’s Challenge


grove arcadeBy now, just about everybody knows Asheville is one of the most appealing places in the country to visit and to live and work. It’s why our population and our economy have grown in a time when so many other communities have struggled.

We know that the City’s appeal to tourists and residents alike is based on many of the same things: our mountain environment and all that it offers; our lively arts and food culture; our vibrant and eclectic downtown, with its expanding options for living, working, and playing.

We’re lucky in that most of our challenges come from our success. But they’re challenges nonetheless. And they’re growing. When we talk about how to face and overcome those challenges and about who should lead the effort, I think the question we should be asking is pretty basic:

How do we make the most of our success not only to maintain our appeal to those who visit and those tempted to move here, but also to expand opportunities for success to those already here?

Here’s my vision for Asheville’s future:SONY DSC

    • Convenient, safe, livable, and affordable neighborhoods
    • Better access to more places with less traffic
    • More – and more affordable – housing options
    • A healthy environment and exciting public spaces
    • Investment in existing communities
    • Economic opportunity and inclusion for everyone – young, old, black, white, rich, poor

Here are some steps we can take to get there.

New Development: Plan and Build the Community We Want

Community Affordability: Housing and Beyond

Getting Around: Stop Obsessing about Cars and Start Obsessing about People